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1.1 The Administrator of personal data collected through the Online Shop is Aleksandra Groś, who runs FALT Krystyna Seemann (the business running address: ul. Kr. Jadwigi 13/33  76-200 Słupsk  and the postal address: ul. Kr. Jadwigi 13/33  76-200 Słupsk) registered in Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG) run by the competent minister of economics, VAT Reg No PL 8392864916, REGON 364290846, email address: - hereinafter referred to as the ’’Administratorand who is also the Online Shop Provider and the Seller.


1.2 Personal data of the Customer (Client) are used pursuant to Act from 29 August 1997 (Dz.U. Nr 133, poz. 883 ze zm.) on the Protection of Personal Data and the Act from 18 July 2002 (Dz.U. Nr 144, poz. 1204 ze zm.) on Providing the Services through electronic means.


1.3 The Administrator makes an effort in order to protect the interests of people who the data refers to, especially to guarantee that the collected data are used according to the law; legally collected for indicated purposes and not being used illegaly afterwards; substantially correct and adequate for the purposes of their using and storing and in a format allowing the identification of people they are referring to, not longer than it is necessary.


1.4 Every word, expression or acronym appearing on this site and written with a capital (e.g. Seller, Online Shop, Electronic Service) responds to its definition in Terms and Conditions at





2.1 The purpose of data collecting by the Administrator is:

2.1.1 to make a context, a change, performing or cancelling a contract between the Provider (Seller) and the Customer (Client) on the Electronic Services and their delivery to the Client.


2.2 The recipients of the personal data:

2.2.1 In a case of a Client who chose the delivery from the Online Shop through the post office or a courier parcel, the Administrator shares the Clients personal data in the range and no longer than it is necessary for making the delivery with a chosen carrier company.


2.2.2 In a case of a Client who chose the electronic payment or pays with a credit/debit card in the Online Shop, the Administrator shares the Clients personal data in the range and no longer than it is necessary with a chosen entity that runs those payments in the Online Shop.


2.3 The Administrator processes the data of the Client: name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, address (street, house number, flat number, postal code, town/city, country). In a case of a Customer (Client) who is not a consumer  the Administrator processes also the companys name and the VAT Reg No (NIP).


2.4 Submitting the personal data listed in 2.3 is necessary to provide the Electronic Serivces by the Provider of the Online Shop or to make a Product Purchase Agreement. Every time the range of necessary data is also shown in Terms and Conditions of the Online Shop and before the beginning of providing a certain Electronic Service or making a Purchase Agreement at the Online Shops website.




3.1 Cookies are small text information in the form of text files sent by the server and saved on the users side who visits the Online Shop website (e.g. on the hardrive of a computer, laptop or the memory card of a mobile phone - depending on the device you use to access our Online Shops website). Details on cookies, and also their history of using, can be found e.g. here:


3.2 The Provider processes the data embedded into Cookies when using the Online Shops website in order:

3.2.2 to remember the Products added to the basket to place an Order;


3.3 By default, most of web browsers accepts saving Cookies. Everybody can set their own conditions of using Cookies by changing the settings of their browser. It means that it is possible e.g. to limit partially (e.g. temporarily) or to disable completely the option to save Cookies on your computer - however, it may have an influence on some functions of the Online Shop (e.g. it may become impossible to place an Order by filling the Order Form).


3.4 The settings of an internet browser when it comes to Cookies are essential for the agreement on using Cookies by our Online Shop - according to the regulations this permission can be given by the internet browsers settings.


3.5 Details on changing the Cookie settings are available in the help section of an internet browser or at those websites (clickable links):

-    Chrome web browser

-    Firefox web browser

-    Internet Explorer web browser

-    Opera web browser

-    Safari web browser


3.6 The Provider processes also the operational data made anonymous (so-called logs - IP address, domain) to generate the statistics that help to administrate the Online Shop. These data are collective and anonymous, i.e. does not include any features that may identify a person visiting the Online Shops website. The logs are not shared with any third party.




4.1 Submitting personal data by the Customer/Client is voluntary, however, not giving the ones listed in Terms and Conditions as necessary to make a purchase Agreement or Providing the Electrical Service Agreement leads to rejection of making these agreements. These necessary to do it data are listed everytime at the Online Shops website as well.


4.2 The basis of the Customer/Clients data processing is the necessity of fulfilment an agreement which the Customer/Client is a part of or taking action before making it at their request.




5.1 The Customer has a right to access their personal data and to correct it.


5.2 Every person has a right to control the data processing that concerns them collected in the Administrators set, especially withholding their processing or deleting them if they are incomplete, out-of-date, false, or has been collected with a violation of the Act or are no longer needed to complete the target they were collected for.


5.3 In order to fulfill the above rights, the Customer can send a message via e-mail to or by post to the Administrators address.




6.1 The Online Shop may contain links to other websites. The Administrator advises you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of those websites after clicking on these links. This Privacy Policy is valid only for this Online Shop.


6.2 The Administrator applies technological and organizational means that provide protection of the processed personal data suitable to the risks and categories of data protected, especially protects the data from sharing them with unauthorized people, collecting by an unauthorized person, processing violating regulations in force, and changing, losing, damaging, or destroying them.


6.3 The Provider shares the following technological means protecting personal data submitted electronically from aquiring and altering by unauthorized people:

6.3.1 Protection the data set from unauthorized access.