1. The online shop FALT at www.falt-store.pl or www.falt-store.com is owned and led by FALT Krystyna Seemann with its head office located in Poland, ul. Kr. Jadwigi 13/33, 76-200 Słupsk, registered under REGON: 364290846 and VAT Reg No PL 8392864916, hereafter referred to as FALT.

Contact details: info@falt-store.pl; tel. 0048 731 924 154


2. The products sold in the FALT online shop may be made using natural fabrics and materials. Because of that, the colouring may slightly differ from the one shown in photos. However, at the same time, all of the products are described in details, regarding their characteristic, fabric used, and features.


3. The information given by FALT online shop regarding descriptions, price, etc., are an invitation to submit an offer of purchase agreement pursuant to Art. 71 of the Civil Code and these Terms and Conditions.


4. Terms

 4.1 ONLINE SHOP - a shop which offers products sold on the Internet that you can access     at www.falt-store.pl or www.falt-store.com

 4.2 CUSTOMER - a person or an organization unit that does not have a legal personality          but has got the ability to juristical acts, that made a purchase following these Terms and                  Conditions.

 4.3 CONSUMER - a customer or a person that makes a purchase on the Online Shop                         website following these Terms and Conditions that is not directly connected to its economic     or professional activity.

4.4. WORKING DAYS - week days from Monday to Friday that are not holidays according      to law in the Republic of Poland.

4.5 OFFER OF PURCHASE - an offer of the Purchase Agreement sent to a Customer                        immediately after finishing the process of purchasing products in the Online Shop.

 4.6 ORDER - every product that the Customer indicated in the Offer of Purchase and               which were taken into the ordering process by FALT.

 4.7 TIME OF THE ORDERING PROCESS  - time needed by FALT to assemble the Order     and sent the shipment.

 4.8 TIME OF THE DELIVERY - time needed by the Courier Company to deliver the Order       to the indicated address from the moment of sending the shipment by FALT.

 4.9 PRICE OF THE PRODUCT - the final price (VAT included) of a single item of the               product set by FALT and shown at the product’s site.

 4.10 FINAL PRICE - the price of a single item of the product with all applied discounts valid      at the certain time or for the certain Customer set by FALT, shown in „Your Basket” in the       shopping summary. The Final Price cannot be higher that the Price of the Product shown at       the product’s site.

4.11 TOTAL PRICE - the total amount for Final Prices for every product included in the                        Offer of Purchase or the Order.

4.12 SHIPMENT COSTS - set by FALT, the costs for a shipment of the goods according to     the chosen way of delivery to the indicated address.

4.13 VALUE OF THE OFFER OF PURCHASE - the total amount for the Total Price and the   Shipment Costs for a particular Offer of Purchase.

4.14 VALUE OF THE ORDER - the total amount for the Total Price and the Shipment Costs   of the products included in a particular Order taken into the ordering process.

4.15 COURIER COMPANY - an entity providing shipment services set by FALT to carry out   its duty in order to deliver the Order to the Customer.

4.16 PROOF OF PURCHASE - any of the documents that confirms making a purchase of      the particular product in the FALT shop. Especially documents such as a receipt, invoice,       confirmation of transfer, confirmation of order processing, or confirmation of shipment to               Customer.




5. Placing an order is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, through the Internet.

 6. The Customer makes an offer of the Purchase Agreement to FALT by clicking „Go to Order Processing” in „My Basket”.

 7. Products shown in the Offer of Purchase are not reserved and may be bought by other Customers.

 8. In the Offer of Purchase the Customer indicates:

8.1 A product or products that are later included in the Purchase Agreement, their features,      and number.

8.2 Correct data for the shipment, including:

 I. Full name of the Customer.

 II. Name of the Company (optional)

 III. Accurate address (the company’s headquarters and/or the delivery address) including the street name, house/flat number, postal code, city/town, and country.

 IV. Active e-mail address.

 V. Active telephone number.

8.3 Payment method.

9. The only person responsible for giving accurate and correct data is the Customer. They will be charged in case of any additional costs deriving from their mistakes (especially for shipping to a wrong address and the costs of returning it to the sender).

10. If the Customer would like to get an invoice, they should contact FALT via e-mail.

11. FALT sends a confirmation of placing an order automatically to the e-mail address given in the Offer of Purchase. It is a confirmation of taking an order into an order processing and making a Purchase Agreement.

12. FALT reserves a right to reject an Offer of Purchase without giving any reason. The reasons of rejecting an Offer of Purchas may include unavailability of the product, shipment restrictions, impossibility of getting the payment, inability to fulfil the requirements of Terms and Conditions by the Customer.

13. FALT does not bear responsibility to the Customer or any third person for not accepting the Offer of Purchase.



14. The Customer can cancel the Offer of Purchase after making it by sending an appropriate notification using [ the contact form ] to FALT. The notification should get to FALT in less than 24hrs since placing an order.



15. Purchase Agreement is made the moment a confirmation of taking an order into order processing is sent by FALT to the Customer’s e-mail address.


16. Should the confirmation not arrive in two Working Days since placing an order, the Offer of Purchase is rejected.


17. FALT can take into ordering process only a few products indicated in the Offer of Purchase. Should it happened, the Customer would get a confirmation of taking a part of the Order into ordering process.


18. Basing on the Purchase Agreement, FALT obliges to transfer the products’ ownership and to deliver them to the Customer following these Terms and Codnitions, and the Customer obliges to pay FALT the Value of the Order and to receive the Order.




19. Purchase Agreement is made under a condition precedent that the Customer shall pay FALT the Value of the Offer of Purchase or the Value of the Order in the period of 2 days since the conclusion of the Purchase Agreement. The moment of payment is the day of the confirmation of making a payment in a corresponding payment service or booking of the payment on the FALT bank account in case of direct payment.


20. The legal consequences of concluding the Purchase Agreement are made the moment the condition precedent is executed. Not fulfiling the condition precedent (not paying the Value of the Order) means the Purchase Agreement is cancelled.


21. Both sides may, through individual email arrangements, set a different payment method for the ordered products. In this case, the condition precedent mentioned in art. 19 is considered unclassified.




22. The binding price of a product is the Final Price given in the order summary in „My Basket”.


23. Every price at the FALT website are given in PLN or EUR.


24. The Value of the Offer of Purchase is given in the order summary in „My Basket” after choosing the Order delivery address and the payment method.


25. FALT reserves a right to alter the Product Prices and to have different special offers and sales. Offers of Purchase made before announcing these offers shall be processed under previous conditions.




26. The payment can be made through:

            I. PAYPAL - electronic payment service (serves also international transfers, credit cards)

            II. PayU - electronic transfer service

           III. Credit card operated by services accepted by FALT

           IV. Transfer to the FALT’s bank account.


27. The Customer pays for the Order in advance, in the period of 3 Working Days since receiving the confirmation of taking the Order into ordering process by FALT. In the conformation there is every data needed to make a payment, including the Value of the Order.


28. The payment of the Value of the Offer of Purchase can be made before taking the Offer of Purchase into ordering process by FALT. In this case, it would be treated as an advance which does not follow the law on deposit. In case of rejecting the Offer of Purchase by FALT or taking into ordering process only a part of the Offer of Purchase, the advance  will be refunded to the Customer, or the difference between the payment already made and the Value of the Order taken into ordering process will be refunded.




29. FALT ships by Poczta Polska and a Courier Company under conditions and regulations of these companies.


30. Costs of shipping are paid by the Customer. The current prices are listed at the FALT website.


31. Deliveries are made in Poland and Europe.


32. In case of a desire to place an order which would be shipped outside Europe, the costs and conditions should be individually discussed and set. In this case, the Customer should contact FALT by e-mail (info@falt-store.pl) or call 0048 519 724 284 to discuss the individual conditions of the Order.


33. On receiving the shipment from a Courier Company, one shall carefully check the packaging and its content. In case of any damages, the courier should write a report of the situation in two copies, signed duly by the representant of the Courier Company and the Customer. The Customer should contact FALT through [ the contact form ], confirming making a report and rejecting the shipment. The Customer should keep their copy of the report.




34. An ordering process of the Order means assembling and correct shipment of the products taken into the ordering process in the confirmation of the Order sent to the Customer.


35. Orders taken into ordering process will be assembled and shipped immediately after receiving the payment on FALT's bank account, in the maximum period of 2 (two) Working Days.


36. Products that are unavailable at the moment of placing the Order or are being personalized for the Customer are shipped in a period of time agreed via e-mail.






38. Complaints should be made in writing and sent to FALT's e-mail or postal address given in p.1 of these Terms and Conditions in the maximum period of two months since noticing the defect, and two years since shipping the product to the Customer.


39. The process of making a complaint:


I.      Take photos of the product (especially the defect) and send it to info@falt-store.pl with a proper description.

II.    FALT will decide if the complaint is valid in the period of 14 days since receiving the complaint.

III.   If the complaint is valid, the product should be sent to FALT to the address given in p.1 of these Terms and Conditions. The shipment method will be given in the complaint info. The costs of the shipment will be covered by FALT.

IV.  FALT will ship a new copy of the product at its own cost or refund the money to the Customer - depending on the defect - immediately, in the maximum period of 14 days since receiving the defective product.




40. Pursuant to the Act from 2 March 2000 on protection of certain rights of consumers and responsibility for the damage caused by dangerous products the CONSUMER may - in the maximum period of 14 days since receiving the shipped product(s) - resign from buying the goods in the FALT online shop (renounce the purchase agreement without giving any reason).


41. To take advantage of the right mentioned in p.40 the Consumer has to provide FALT with a written statement on renouncing the previously concluded Purchase Agreement. To do that, the Consumer can use the example form available at …


42. To meet the requirements of the statuory 14 days, the statement can be sent in the period of 14 days since receiving the shipped product(s), also via e-mail: the contact form.


43. Should the Consumer renounce the agreement following previously mentioned process, he/she is obliged to return the bought product in an unused state and its original packaging to FALT's address given in p.1, covering all the costs, in the period of 14 (fourteen) days since renouncing the agreement.


44. If the renouncement of the agreement is effective, FALT refounds the Total Price to the Consumer.




45. With placing an Order in FALT online shop the Customer agrees to processing his personal data in order to execute the Order.


46. Personal data is protected pursuant to the Act from 29 August 1997 on protection personal data in a way preventing the access for the third persons.


47. Pursuant to the Act mentioned above, Clients have the right to have access to their personal data, to correct them, or to demand their removal.




48. At any time, FALT may cease to provide services, change the offer, or withdraw offered products without giving any reason. These changes do not influence the Purchase Agreements made before making these changes.


49. Cases not mentioned in these Terms and Conditions are regulated pursuant to the law in force in the territory of the Republic of Poland, especially the Civil Code and the regulations of the Act on special conditions of consumer sale and change of the Civil Code, and the Act on protection of certain rights of consumers and responsibility for the damage caused by dangerous products.


50. All names and designs offered by FALT in the online shop are the property of FALT and can be protectes and reserved pursuant to the regulations of the Act on the right of Manufacturing Property or other regulations.


51. In case of changing the Terms and Conditions, the Purchase Agreements made before these changes are processed following the regulations in force at the moment of making the Purchase Agreement.


52. These Terms and Conditions are valid since 08.05.2014.